5 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Social Media ROI in 2017

5 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Social Media ROI in 2017

If you read 2017 predictions from social media and content marketing experts, one platform is consistently mentioned: Facebook is set to become an even bigger success story in 2017.

Influencers are advising brands to double-down on Facebook, whether that be through livestreaming on Facebook Live or upping their Facebook advertising efforts. As the social landscape gets increasingly crowded each year, a growing number of companies are foregoing a presence on all social networks and increasing their efforts on a select few. The one network social media experts agree on is Facebook.

To increase your Facebook ROI, it is crucial you have a well-honed audience outreach strategy. Incorporating powerful new Facebook tools into your growth efforts is an excellent way to outshine your competitors and build brand loyalty. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts, following are five under-the-radar tools you might want to integrate into your business acceleration plans.

It’s Alive

Have you thought about incorporating bots into your marketing strategy this year? If so, it is time to discover It’s Alive. Their easy-to-use interface makes it super simple to create your own Facebook bot. A Facebook bot can be used for everything from content distribution to customer service response. You don’t need to know how to write code to create your own Facebook bot and you can turn off your bot whenever you feel like it.


Facebook Bot Analytics

If you’re going to integrate bot technology into your Facebook marketing activities, it makes sense to use data analytics to understand the effectiveness of your bot. Facebook makes it easy to determine your bot ROI with their helpful bot analytics interface. Discover data on everything from the age and gender of your audience to the number of messages your bot receives.



If Facebook ads are part of your growth strategy, you need Canva on your side. Their platform helps you create awesome social ads without ever needing to worry about image sizes. Upload your image (or choose an image from Canva), add your company logo, pick your preferred ad size, and instantly view your new advertisement. Say goodbye to image errors and declined ads!

Live Reacting

Is interactive marketing part of your audience outreach strategy? If so, Live Reacting has a powerful platform that lets you create interactive polls with ease. Post new quizzes on your Facebook page each day and watch your engagement rates skyrocket.



If Slack is your team’s communication platform of choice, Reveal is a must-discover tool for your Facebook (and Instagram) advertising activities. The Reveal bot monitors your Facebook/Instagram ads and instantly notifies you when it is time to adjust your advertisements. You can also receive daily/weekly reports on your Facebook advertising campaigns to discover details on everything from your reach and impressions to your click-through rate and your average CPM and CPC. Reveal is currently working on data analytics for Twitter, Google Adwords, Telegram, Hipchat, Skype, and Bing Ads too.


A stellar Facebook marketing strategy is more important than ever. As platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn continue to capture a growing share of consumer and brand attention, brands with strong strategies for these platforms will easily out-perform their competitors. By paying attention to powerful new tools for networks like Facebook, you can deliver a better audience engagement experience and build your brand’s reputation at the same time.

How many of these handy Facebook marketing tools will you be using this year?

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