Black Label Update - Turkey Edition

Black Label Update – Turkey Edition

“Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem.”

– Laura Fitton,

turkeyGive thanks. Show your customers your appreciation.

This is more than just advice for Thanksgiving…businesses should be showing their customers the love all year round! It’s the little things that will create loyal customers and keep them coming back to your product or service over and over again. With all of the advertising noise crowding the market, it is the subtle choices that will grab people’s attention in the today’s digital landscape.

What are some subtle things your businesses could be doing to make your customers know that you are thinking about them?

happy_sadCranberry Sauce.

There are those that like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and there are those that don’t. It might be one of the most divisive foods on the holiday table. But, there is no question it is a staple of the yearly dinner that leads to glorious naps while watching one-sided football matches in the afternoon.

What aspect of your business is like Cranberry Sauce? Do you have a product or service offering that is divisive, your customers love it or hate it?

Or maybe it’s something internal. Is there a business process that some love and some hate? This month, take a look at everything you offer internally and externally. Find your cranberry sauce. Is it something you really need at the table or is it something you can let go?

Perhaps you can add a new ingredient to it to make it less tangy so more people enjoy it.

tableInvite your customers to the table.

There are so many ways to collect data about customers online. The amount of options are dizzying. You can comb through social media analytics and get incredibly in-depth with google analytics. You can pay thousands of dollars a month for applications that will deliver you fancy reports.

All of these things may help, but nothing is better than talking to your customers directly.

Data is cold and takes time to decipher and find meaning from. Talking to a customer on the phone, in-person or over email gives you a direct line to product feedback. Invite your customers to talk to you about your product. Send them a small gift to let them know you appreciate the feedback.

Customers like to know that you are listening to them. For you, ONE piece of valuable feedback from ONE customer can have an effect on your entire audience.

Author: Brent Hoffmann

Brent has a diverse background in graphic design, software development, and business strategy. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he helps clients find solutions to technology problems, develop their content strategy and find ways to help them grow.

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