Level The Playing Field: Content Marketing for Small Teams

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

One of the more effective strategies for B2B companies is content marketing. Despite what you may think, every business, regardless of size, can leverage content marketing to help achieve company’s goals.

The challenge for smaller businesses is to consistently produce content that is relevant, credible, and engaging. It may seem overwhelming for small businesses, especially when one person is handed the responsibility of managing a content campaign. So we often recommend approaching content marketing as a problem to be solved as a team—not a solo expedition. By working as a team each member brings different strengths and perspectives that will help create content that stands out from the pack.

Embrace Your Smaller Size

Small businesses can use their size to their advantage by collaborating across departments to create a culture where the risks of information silos are reduced. This also facilitates brand alignment across different departments.

Teams that are passionate about the service or products they provide should be excited to come together to brainstorm. Insights from members of different departments are going to vary and this is exactly what you want. For example, an IT person, who normally would not contribute to marketing in any way, can provide valuable information that influences how the customer service department interacts with clients. The domino effect continues as the customer service department is now better informed and can better advise the sales team.

Cross departmental meetings also help to spot misinformation and clarify business goals. This is key because content should be built around objectives that support these goals. They need to be clearly defined before content is created. This is how the content becomes part of a marketing strategy; content for the sake of content is not going to achieve much.

Develop A Message For Your Audience

Small teams need to remain hyper-focused and avoid being too broad with their targeting. Keep content focused on a single market or subset as much as possible, even if a company services many audiences.

Competitor analysis will help to keep a focused audience. Look at the content your competitors are producing to give your team an idea of what content already exists. This avoids replicating existing content and gives your crew an opportunity to get creative. Speaking of getting creative, give Brainwriting a shot. Brainwriting is a technique, developed by Bernd Rohrbach, that allows small groups of six generate 108 ideas in 30 minutes!

Regardless of who the audience is, a message should show benefits first followed by details second because people want to know what’s in it for them. To further develop and refine a message that will capture your audience’s attention, the team needs to understand their pain points. This is where your team’s content offers solutions, teaches an audience something useful, or shares content that is simply entertaining.

Distribute Your Message & Measure Results

Distribution is still all about focus. To start, pick a single method of distributing content like social media, paid ads, or emails to prospects. Don’t try to do everything at once because the team will get overwhelmed. Since the team has already identified the target audience this will help determine what distribution channel to start with.

Measuring the effectiveness depends on the channel itself. If your team chose social media, do you see an increase in likes or followers? How many impressions did your content receive? Is your content being shared and who’s sharing it? Insights gained from analyzing data will allow the team to test the distribution channel and make adjustments where necessary.

Small businesses most likely will not have the same marketing resources as larger organizations. However, if a company has individuals that care about what they do, are persistent, and are willing to learn and grow together as a team, harnessing the power of content marketing will level the playing field…and that business will be going places.

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