The Rise of 360 Video

The popularity and technology of 360 degree videos have grow from a mere online novelty, with a rudimentary stitched together photo technique, to full-fledged HD music videos like the one recently released by DEVO or seen for Beck’s “Sound and Vision”. At Black Label we are always looking for innovative ways to use video for our clients to help their customers become more immersed and engaged with their product.

With a Rico Theta, which allows you to easily record 360 video in 1080p, one can now create a relatively inexpensive 360 video experience. Add Google Cardboard for $20 and you can even jump into VR.  The trend for 360 video had a spike from 2005-2011 but then dropped off as the technology didn’t continue growing again until last year. This resurgence in popularity is due to advances in the technology combined with YouTube making the viewing of 360 degree interactive videos available in 2015. Since then, many companies have been looking into 360 video to find innovative ways to market their products online.

With the increase in popularity over the medium, here are a some videos that show just how effective this can be.


Music Video

DEVO “What We Do” Music Video

Bjork “Stonemilker”

Avicii “Waiting For Love”


Blue Angles 360 Degree Video

Mythbusters: Shark Shipwreck


“Inside the Human Body”

Star Wars 360 Virtual Reality

Pac-Man in 360

This is really just the beginning of this technology. With the release of Occulus Rift and an entire industry waiting to release accessible virtual reality games, this is an exciting for video. affordable 360 video and virtual reality is here and your business should be thinking about how you can use the technology to engage your customers.

If you are interested in creating a 360 video experience for your customers, contact us and we can help you develop a creative way to engage your audience with the latest in video technology.

Author: Brent Hoffmann

Brent has a diverse background in graphic design, software development, and business strategy. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he helps clients find solutions to technology problems, develop their content strategy and find ways to help them grow.

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