Our founders knew from the start that Black Label wouldn’t operate on a traditional model...

….a model that goes something like this: Meet with a potential client, present a proposal based on often meager information; win business; execute campaign. Commit and see it through. Meanwhile months and often thousands of dollars later; the results aren’t what the agency or client expected. No one’s happy (Maybe you’ve been there).

We’re different.

We operate using what we call The Truth Model. We believe every client relationship should be based on honesty. Mutual respect; truth. This model actually defines how we approach relationships as well as the work. We begin with research, collaborating closely with the client, follow it with strategy, campaign development and execution. But here’s where we break away from the pack. From the moment directly following launch, we observe – closely – to see if the campaign is performing as expected. We look at the data. The truth. And we either double down, or roll up our sleeves and begin asking tough questions. Tweeks or corrections are made; moving us — moving our clients — closer to what works.

Industries We Serve

At Black Label, we have a soft spot for technology companies and non-profits. While the two may seem like an incongruous pairing, we can explain.

Our founders are what some might call tech geeks. Digital enthusiasts. They also happen to be quintessential entrepreneurs who swim comfortably among fellow technology dreamers and doers. We more than speak your language. We share your passion — and ambition.

We are also an agency with heart. Work that we have done to help nonprofits succeed has been among our most meaningful.

Communication is Key: Creating Connections Between BioTech Companies & Their Customers

As a BioTech company, you have a progressive medical technology product or service that must be shared. However, some of the prospects that you’re reaching out to may be unfamiliar with the medical or technical jargon and therefore may not fully understand your concept. Should it be a priority to communicate your product/service in layman\’s terms for marketing purposes?

Our Mission

To democratize high-end, creative, data-informed digital marketing services. Because every company — regardless of size — deserves the opportunity to grow

Our Values


We act and are held accountable for our moral and ethical responsibilities.


We are dedicated to serving our clients’ best interests, regardless of personal outcome.


Our clients are our partners, we share in their successes and struggles.


Our knowledge, experience and network of partnerships is the value.


We seek to fully comprehend every aspect of our client’s business, no stone left unturned.

The Team

The  Black Label team is made up of members with expertise across many different disciplines.

Our culture is shaped through continued education–a key investment to understanding every client’s business context. We use our knowledge and experience around emerging technology so that we can help our clients advance as an organization, and remain leaders in their industry.

Joshua Riddle
    Joshua Riddle
    Executive Director / Partner

    Joshua is a passionate entrepreneur focusing on technology related companies. He has over 15 years of experience in web and software engineering, and has been applying that skillset to business development for over a decade. He has worked with a wide range of national and international brands including Discovery, Carfax, Heineken, Sonic, Marriott and Bumblebee.

    Brent Hoffmann
      Brent Hoffmann
      Creative Director / Partner

      Brent’s background is a diverse mix of experience in graphic design, software application development and business strategy. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Brent has worked with a variety of clients including Under Armour, The Kennedy Center, and the Discovery channel. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, a love for infographics and a focus in creative strategy, data analysis and content marketing.

      Aaron Riddle
        Aaron Riddle
        Administrative Director / Partner

        Aaron has many years of experience in the fields of design and photography resulting in dozens of awards and accolades. Since 2000, Aaron has worked with clients and marketing firms all across the country to create a variety of material ranging from logo designs and websites to branding concepts, UI concepts and visual identities. He also is a highly-acclaimed wedding photographer and renowned and published professional cartoonist.

        Robbie Horwitz
          Robbie Horwitz
          Marketing Account Manager

          As a Recruiter for Maryland Institute College of Art, Robbie realized her passion for developing creative content. Her out-of-the-box-thinking combined with strong organizational skills leads to innovative, digital marketing strategies. A natural connector, she values facilitating business partnerships that enrich Baltimore’s communities. Robbie brings over eight years of experience in the fields of marketing, sales, higher education, arts administration, and design.

          Zach Inscho
            Zach Inscho

            Zach brings a unique mix of interactive tech knowledge, genuine customer experience and an appreciation for clarity and contemporary design style to Black Label. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Zach relocated to Baltimore in 2012 and has worked with a variety of clients and agencies including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lenovo, Scott’s Miracle-Gro and The Great Cookie.

            Cara Falco
              Cara Falco
              Account Executive

              Cara discovered her passion for marketing during her tenure at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland, College Park. While working in outdoor media sales she developed and honed the skills necessary to effectively facilitate growth for small and medium sized businesses. She is here to listen and to assist in the development of digital marketing strategy that sets your company apart from the rest. Cara is a results-driven, people person, who works closely with businesses to identify and achieve company goals.