You manage the marketing of an established and successful business that has seen the ups and downs over the past years.

Some approaches you’ve taken have been highly successful, while others did more harm than good. You know your way around a marketing plan, but also know when you need a bigger team to really take your efforts to the next stage. This year you want to get serious about growth.

You are having trouble defining what your next step should be. You have some ideas but don’t know why certain strategies in the past have been more successful than others. You know what your customers are asking for, but are having trouble getting the insight into how that is going to translate to increased revenues without taking a giant leap of faith. You are tired of the shotgun approach to “see what sticks”, but you are also tired of being sold on tactical approaches without the information necessary to back it up.

computer_analysis_iconBy partnering with Black Label, you can get a full view of your market, the competition, and all of the insights you need to make the best decision for your company. Using a wide range of data sources online, we merge that information with private data that you have internally in order to create a strategy that will help you meet your business goals. We don’t just deliver data to you: we study, analyze and compile it into a simple format that allows you to make objective decisions.

Once we’ve helped you define your plan of action, we work with you to execute that strategy while you focus on the high level marketing objectives of your organization.

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