As a decision maker at a non-profit, you are challenged every day with both furthering your mission while also ensuring you are receiving enough revenue to sustain the business.

fundraising_iconYou don’t have high marketing budgets like larger corporations, and so you and your team are solely responsible for ensuring you are reaching a wider audience and receiving the funding needed to continue.

You know your marketing efforts could be improved, but you aren’t sure exactly how. You’ve heard suggestions all over the map from website redesigns, increased social media, search engine optimizations, etc., but how can you really be sure it is going to make a difference?

With Black Label you can gain the clarity you’ve been looking for and use that to both grow your funding, or utilize in your next grant proposal. Using a wide range of data sources online, we merge that information with private data that you have internally in order to create a strategy that is based on factual information about your constituents and target demographics. We don’t just deliver data to you: we study, analyze and compile it into a simple format that allows you to make objective decisions.

analysis_iconWith this large amount of information we are able to gain insights that you would not otherwise be able to find. What are the behaviors of your top donors? Why are certain demographics engaging more? How do you build better relationships with your existing audience in order to reach new markets?

Once we’ve helped you define your next plan of action, we work with you to execute that strategy while you focus on your nonprofit’s mission.

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