You are a small business owner and are focused on sustaining and growing your business. Your team manages your marketing efforts when time allows, and it seems to be getting some interest, but you aren’t sure how effective your efforts are and where they can be improved.

Overall you seem to be spending money towards marketing efforts, but it isn’t translating into higher sales. You know there is data available to help you make decisions, but there is so much of it and it seems impossible to understand the thousands of metrics being thrown at you.

You simply don’t have the time or staff to actively monitor ongoing efforts, and analyze this information to determine what components of your strategy are effective. Are your social media efforts translating into customers? What is the cost of a new online customer? What percentage of your customers are engaging with you online? What trends exist between sales and marketing that can be exploited for higher profits?

data_iconWith Black Label at your side you can focus on growing your business while we while we collect and analyze the massive amount information available. We research and compile the data about your company from different online sources, and merge it with your private sales data in order to create ongoing strategies based on the story the data tells. We translate this information into a format that is relevant to YOU, someone that simply wants the bottom line information: what is working, what isn’t, and what exactly can be done to improve.

From this point we work with you to execute on this strategy: whether it is producing new content, managing social channels, or other creative work to help grow your business consistently over time.

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