Driving Traffic
and Measuring Results

We help clients answer this key question: what are the biggest opportunities for increasing our online sales channels, and how can we use our customer data to get us there? Whether you are selling retail goods, collecting membership subscriptions, or soliciting donations for a nonprofit organization, online sales are the lifeblood of your organization. A strategy centered on increasing sales, growing your customer base, and retaining existing customers is essential to growing your business. Black Label can help you define a strategy around those results.

Benefits of Ecommerce Marketing...

  • Learn how your customers interact with your business online to capture their information and determining their needs.
  • We monitor and analyze your e-commerce sites many entry points and exit points to identify improvements and increase audience engagement.
  • Discover how to provide additional value for your customers and organically grow to build an audience of brand ambassadors.
  • Through dynamic platforms that analyze and identify customer trends and behaviors, we are able to amplify your best selling products in order to further drive sales of products that are in high demand.
  • We help integrate your social strategy into your sales channels engaging customers via social media channels to improve customer satisfaction and drive new business to your online store.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that will increase your online sales through improvements to conversion rates, meaning more revenue, larger orders, and more frequent purchases.

Case Studies


Connecting Police Municipalities, Accident Reports, and Insurance companies through software.

  • Police agencies across the country have the ability to upload their accident reports and manage their records online while consumers can purchase their reports directly online eliminating the need to visit the police station.
  • Online accident report distribution also reduces the need for law enforcement to handle this administrative task and thus frees up public safety officers to provide more relevant services to your community.

Bob's BMW

Creating an Experience for BMW Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

  • Bob’s BMW mission is to provide the ultimate motorcycling experience by being the best resource for all things motorcycle related.
  • Black Label’s developed an e-commerce system that delivers an unparalleled experience for purchasing BMW parts and apparel.
  • The online microfiche system allows bike aficionados to navigate their bikes using a modern version of an old standard and provides the most accurate information for BMW parts available online.

Health Professions Press

Educational Resources for Healthcare Professionals.

  • Health Professions Press’s mission is to be the leading independent publisher of healthcare and aging-related resources and to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to do so.
  • Black Label developed their ecommerce store with this target audience in mind:
    • Customers can find what that a searching for quickly.
    • They are able to shop by choosing the most relevant category.
    • An option to browse recent catalogs is include to avoid being overwhelmed by online options.

National Corvette Owner's Association

A Merchandise Storefront for an Iconic American Car.

  • Black Label choose to use Shopify as the platform to create the National Corvette Owners Association’s e-commerce shop or “The Vette Store.”
  • This online store’s design is a reflection of a Corvette’s personality–clean and sleek. The layout and organization make it simple for customers to browse for the perfect Corvette merchandise they are looking for or discover items they just have to own while looking.
  • Links to the National Corvette Owners Association social media were added to increase brand engagement while shopping.
  • Finally, an opportunity to subscribe to an e-newsletter let’s customer stay “in the know” about the latest Vette news, offers, and styles.