Driving Traffic
and Measuring Results

We work closely with clients to create highly targeted, customizable, landing pages that speak specifically to your sales prospect. Company specific landing pages are an incredibly effective tool to personalize a user’s experience and share detailed, focused content that relates to products and services offered but is too granular for your main website.

Benefits of Landing Pages…

  • Can be re-purposed in presentations, emails, white papers, and used to engage with prospects on social media and other channels.
  • Reach new, niche markets or promote new products through landing pages developed to support specific business goals.
  • Generate valuable data and insights that test the results of our marketing efforts and allows us to make continual adjustments and improvements.
  • Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or clicking through to your main website, landing pages make it easy for visitors to engage and take action.
  • Landing pages improve brand awareness, are effective lead generation tools, and refine knowledge of your target audience–as well as your overall campaign strategy.

Case Studies

Kinner & McGowan

Helping entrepreneurs and investors in the emerging cannabis market grow through digital strategy.

  • Kinner & McGowan’s initial marketing efforts focussed on Maryland and the District of Columbia.
  • With recent industry expansions in West Virginia and other states, Black Label knew it was time for K&M to target these emerging niche markets.
  • To stay ahead of the competition, two landing pages were created:
    • A West Virginia landing page, carefully designed to target that state.
    • A more ‘general’ landing page for Reddit, a massive online community garnering major attention for the cannabis industry and making it an ideal platform for K&M.
This niche Reddit ad campaign beat everyone’s expectations in cost effectiveness as well as audience reach. K&M received a .112% CTR which is above average for a small, niche, audience. They also received 7 high quality conversions on the targeted landing page.


A Leading provider of technology solutions to public safety agencies worldwide.

  • Black Label developed a geo-targeted ad campaign to get Adashi’s product in front of fire departments, their target audience.
  • The online ads only display to personnel working inside the targeted fire departments.
  • When a firefighter clicks the ad it leads them to a landing page with detailed information about the ICS Technology software sold by Adashi.
  • The landing page even includes a feature where firefighters can schedule a software demo.
Through a series of A/B tests, Black Label identified the aspects of the Adashi product that resonated most with customers. This lead to a 30% increase in click-through rates, thus improving the efficiency of the campaign and reducing campaign costs.

Waterfront Tech Series

A quarterly event to connect over emerging tech in business or anyone leveraging technology to help craft the future.

  • Black Label partnered with Moxie Promotions to promote Moxie’s new Waterfront Tech Series, a quarterly event for start-ups, technology gurus and entrepreneurial business leaders.
  • The landing page introduced the event’s speakers and sponsors were highlighted.
  • An embedded form to apply for sponsorship as well as a link to easily purchase tickets were included in the page.
  • Captured in the landing pages design was the spirit of Waterfront Tech’s entrepreneurial prowess.
The inaugural Waterfront Tech event was a great success, selling out of tickets over a week before the event took place. By directing all interested attendees to a highly targeted and visually engaging landing page, we were able to help market the event while providing a simple, easy to follow registration process.

Earth Origins Market

Your green, neighborhood market, committed to the communities served and harnessing the power of digital marketing strategy to help achieve this mission.

  • Eleven landing pages were developed to highlight a coupon in exchange for the customer’s email which expanded their email marketing campaign.
  • Company values were also an important focus of the landing page content.
  • Designed with a “natural” feel in mind, the landing pages expanded Earth Origins brand visibility and audience reach.
  • Achieved a 6% conversion rate on landing pages.
The ad campaign has continually beat industry standards for conversion rates, and has had a noticeable impact on store foot traffic. Additional campaigns have been put in place to amplify the results even further and increase brand awareness.