A Home for Your Content

Even if the majority of your audience interacts with you via social media or in-person, your website is the final destination that converts a follower into a customer.

Black Label’s approach to website development and design is different. We partner with our clients to formulate and define a strategy. Every step is transparent and has a purpose. We discover the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that motivate your customers. These valuable insights convert into engaging, easy to navigate websites that ultimately translate into profit.


Benefits of Websites…

  • Increase revenue by analyzing your customer’s journey and developing strategies that help you define, track, and improve these paths, resulting in higher conversion and retention rates.
  • Increase your businesses visibility through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • All websites are designed to be viewable on multiple devices and are mobile responsive.
  • Develop engaging content that shows your audience exactly who you are and is driven by content should align with your mission.
  • We utilize an agile approach, continuously monitoring our progress to determine what strategies are the highest performing and make adjustments to optimize costs and efficiency.
  • To stay competitive in your industry your website needs to be maintained and updated to keep it relevant. Black Label can help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • We are passionate about helping your business flourish so we work with clients that are interested in a long-term strategy of growth.

Case Studies

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Promoting the arts to arts enthusiasts and educators in a meaningful way.

  • The Kennedy Center partnered with Black Label on a multiple occasions to create online destinations that keep their patrons engaged.
    • THE EDGE: Musings on the Arts, Learning, and Media is part of ArtsEdge, a digital learning program of the Kennedy Center.
    • ArtsEdge provides free, interactive, K-12 Arts Learning resources to educators, students and parents from all over the country.
  • The 25/40 Celebration website developed for the Kennedy Center celebrated the co-anniversaries of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the VSA (The International Organization on Visual Arts and Disability).
  • Throughout the month of July 2015, free events were held as a unique celebration of arts, culture, and history and the website helped to promote this anniversary and it’s events.
  • Strong consideration to ensure the site met ADA Compliance was given as a generous portion of the site’s visitors would be individuals with disabilities.

Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell

A unique online experience for the adventurous type.

  • Black Label teamed up with Bully! and the Discovery Channel to create a global, interactive, second-screen experience for the television series BEAR GRYLLS: ESCAPE FROM HELL.
  • Developed for a large international audience, Black Label programed the ability to participate in the adventure in 14 languages (Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Portuguese and more).
  • Interactive “Would you Survive?” quizzes were created and displayed throughout the site.
  • Other features included video interviews, behind the scenes footage, and audio narratives from the Bear himself.
  • Social integration gave fans the ability to share their interactive exploits on Facebook and Twitter.


Connecting students with meaningful, in-demand career pathways in bold, new ways.

  • Black Label worked with Brightshift to design and develop a website aimed at promoting their educational product.
  • Brightshift is all about providing students industry certification programs while they are still in school.  Merging education and industry to help provide students with “real-world” opportunities.
  • Black Label developed the overall Brightshift branding as well as custom designed icons and graphics to use across their marketing channels.

Dos Equis

The most interesting Facebook application for the most interesting man....

  • Developed in conjunction with Bully! Entertainment, the Dos Equis Legend of You app allows users to add photos and videos from their Facebook profiles.
  • Once uploaded to the app, video plays back a voiceover and music similar to the Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man commercials.
  • Black Label was responsible for developing the Facebook integration software for the application.
  • This project also involved building a management system to flag and approve videos created by users.

Bumblebee Tuna

The history of a storied Tuna product...

  • Bring Back My Tuna celebrates the history of Bumblebee Tuna through an interactive animated video.
  • Black Label’s was responsible for the microsite’s Application Programming Interface (API) that allowed users to connect through Facebook and insert themselves or friends into the video.
  • Centered around getting tuna­ related recipes a “Recipe AR App” Black Label created a simple Content Management System (CRM) for the client where they could add/edit/delete recipes
  • An Application Program Interface (API) to pull in the recipe data from the app was also put into place.