4 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Conversion Rates

4 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Conversion Rates

Improving conversion rates and increasing the amount of sales generated from website visitors are two parts of the main goal of most online businesses. Driving traffic to your website is the first part of this process, but once you have your visitor’s attention, you also need to convince them to buy your products. Here are four simple steps to boosting your conversion rates.

Know Your Audience

The most essential element of any sales process is understanding your target customer. Many businesses overlook the value of researching the needs, wants, desires and motivators of their intended customer; marketing campaigns that fail to target a specific audience are often unsuccessful. Before writing your sales copy, you need to define your ideal customer in as much detail as possible, preferably using specific information like their age group, marital status, profession, interests, beliefs and values. The more information you can gather about your potential customers, the easier it will be to tailor your marketing material to fit their needs.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page

One of the biggest marketing mistakes businesses make is creating a single landing page for their promotions and product launches. Each promotion needs to use separate landing pages for specific traffic sources and different audiences. For example, promotional links placed on your social media profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook, are likely to attract a different audience than links placed within pay-per-click advertisements. Visitors arriving at your site through a PPC ad could be searching for the best deal on the products you are selling, whereas visitors arriving from social media websites may need to know more about your products before making a decision.

Solve a Visitor’s Problem

The best marketing campaigns offer solutions to a customer’s problem, which is why it’s so important to know your audience. Consider the kind of problems your target customer may be facing right now and determine how your product can offer a solution. Your sales copy should focus on a specific problem, as that will make the reader feel that you understand their needs and are able to provide them with a useful product to make their life easier, safer or happier. Use specific keywords, phrases or questions that will resonate with the reader.

Keep it Simple

Avoid cluttering the landing page with unnecessary images, text and other elements that will distract the reader from your sales copy and the message you are trying to convey. Keep your sales copy as concise and brief as possible, using simple words and short sentences and avoiding jargon or ambiguous wording. Include a clear call to action in your sales copy, preferably using a button, image or text that stands out against a contrasting background.

Following just a few simple steps can help to boost your conversion rates and increase your sales. Knowing your audience is the first step in any successful marketing campaign or selling strategy, as it enables you to tailor your marketing material and sales copy to suit your ideal customer.

Author: Brent Hoffmann

Brent has a diverse background in graphic design, software development, and business strategy. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he helps clients find solutions to technology problems, develop their content strategy and find ways to help them grow.

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