Christmas E-commerce Marketing - 10 Tantalizing Tips to Attract Holiday Shoppers

Christmas E-commerce Marketing – 10 Tantalizing Tips to Attract Holiday Shoppers

If you want to increase sales for your online business during the holiday season, it is imperative you upgrade your marketing strategy. Sticking to the same old marketing ploys won’t help you stand out during the hectic weeks leading up to Christmas.

Today’s savvy shoppers expect businesses to compete for their business; failing to do so will leave you looking like the Grinch when you review your year-end sales totals. There are simple ways you can attract more e-commerce shoppers at Christmas without blowing your entire marketing budget.

Try the following ten tips for e-commerce Christmas marketing and watch revenues soar:

Offer a Christmas Coupon to Email Subscribers

Do you want to increase your holiday sales and build your email subscriber list at the same time? Try offering a Christmas coupon in exchange for a verified email address. Your coupon can be for something as simple as an extended holiday return deadline or free gift wrapping.  

Offer a Special Shipping Deal in Exchange for a Business Review

Business reviews are the lifeblood of a successful online business. A growing number of e-commerce shoppers look at online business reviews prior to making a purchase. Offer customers express or free shipping in exchange for a website testimonial or a review on Yelp.

Pre-Christmas Flash Sale

Cost-conscious customers love flash sales. Surprise online shoppers with a special day promoting a trendy item and focus all your social media activity on your flash sale item. When consumers know they only have 24 hours to get a fabulous deal on a hot item, they’ll scoop up a bargain and share their fabulous find on social media too. 

Create Gift Collections 

Create gift collections on your website to help shoppers find the perfect Christmas present. You can group collections by end user type or by theme. Feature your curated gift ideas on your website’s home page and share across multiple social media networks.

Create a Christmas Gift Infographic

A Christmas gift infographic is an awesome way to attract attention to your e-commerce store and help shoppers find the right gift. Create a flowchart featuring gift recipient types and the corresponding perfect present. Shoppers can peruse your infographic and discover a variety of gift ideas for those on their Christmas list.

Build a Christmas Content Calendar around Your Top-Selling Item

If you have an item that is constantly one of your top sellers, consider creating an entire content calendar around that one specific item. Create images for social media, write blog posts, create videos, offer opinion polls, and even make Slideshare presentations featuring your chosen item. You can even create a marketing tagline for your Christmas campaign.

Photo Contest  

Photo contests are an awesome way to attract attention to your online business. Request ugly sweater photos for your Facebook page or decorated Christmas tree images for Twitter. You can host a letter to Santa contest where entrants write a letter to Santa telling him why they need a specific item from your e-commerce store and then post a photo of their letter on Facebook or Twitter. Offer a special present to the winning entrant and encourage customers to share their photo entries with others.

Christmas Videos 

Christmas videos are a powerful way to attract attention to your online business. Make a new video each week and share your creation on social media. Have staff members lip-sync Christmas carols, offer Christmas gift suggestions, or showcase your new arrivals. Post your video on YouTube, embed your video in a blog post, and create social media GIFs out of snippets of your video.

Inspirational Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a must-use social media platform at Christmas. Create inspiration boards for potential customers featuring items from your online store. Use holiday themes your target audience will respond too and share your Pinterest holiday boards on other social networks.

Christmas Memes on Social Media

Christmas memes are a terrific way to attract attention during the holiday season. Use a tool like to create custom memes for your e-commerce business. Share on social media, use as blog post header images, and create content marketing list posts based on your memes.

Marketing your e-commerce business at Christmas time is easy if you’re willing to be creative in your approach. The above-listed tips are just 10 of many ideas you can try.

Will you be upping your marketing game this holiday season?

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